Panagyurishte  (Bulgarian: Панагюрище) is a town in Pazardzhik Province, western Bulgaria. The town is situated in a small valley in Sashtinska Sredna Gora. It is 91 km far from Sofia, to the east, at 43 km north of Pazardzhik and at 37 km south of Zlatitsa. As of 2005 Panagyurishte has a population of 20,938 and the mayor is Georgi Gerginekov. The root of the name, "panagyur", is from Greek "πανηγήρι" (panagiri) and means a fair venue.

Panagyurishte is primarily known for its particularly active participation in the April Uprising against the Ottoman rule in Bulgaria in 1876, when it was the centre of the 4th Revolutionary District. As the uprising was suppressed the town was burnt down and completely destroyed by the Ottoman Turks.

The town has two big Eastern Orthodox churches, Sv. Georgi and Sv. Bogoroditsa, as well as several shrines. The type of architecture of Sv. Georgi with two front towers can be rarely observed in the country. There are two museums: Historical Museum and Museum of Natural History. Although the town was severely destroyed by the turks in 1876, there are several old houses which survived and have been reconstructed, including the House-Museums of Rayna Knyaginya and Marin Drinov. There are two theatres, the Old Theatre and the New Theatre. The spacious park is situated in the north-eastern part of Panagyurishte with an artificial lake in which used to be boats, playgrounds and the Orcho Voivoda Stadium.
      There are several places of interest in the vicinity of the town. The resort village Panagyurski kolonii, literally "the colony of Panagyurishte" is located at 15 km north of the town. It is very popular with the local population, as many of the citizens have villas there. There is a ski run and dense forests rich in different species of berries and mushrooms. At 6 km to the east is the famous Oborishte locality where the plan of the April uprising was discussed and accepted by delegates from all over the province. Today there is a monument there which is popular with the locals and a big refuge.

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