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Nestled at the foot of the Balkan, amidst virgin forests, the village is situated 15 km away from Gabrovo. For six centuries the generations have kept the legend for the first settlers - the Turnovo noblewoman Bojana and her nine sons. Until the end of the 19-th century Bojenci has been an economic, administrative, educational and spiritual center for the surrounding villages. Today, there are 100 houses left, built 100 - 250 years ago. You can visit the two museums from the 18-th and 19-th century, the "St. Pr. Ilia" church, the wax purifying workshop from the 18-th century and the old school. Bojenci is close to the Drianovski monastery, Sokolovski monastery and Kilifarevski monastery. It is only 15 km from Gabrovo and about 30 km from Veliko Turnovo, known for the Etara ethnographic enclave and Tsarevets castle.                                                                              
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          Open air ethnographic museum
          "Etar", Gabrovo

The open air ethnographic museum "Etar" was built in the middle of 20-th century in the vicinity of the town of Gabrovo- an old industrial center of Bulgaria. It was created to preserve for the coming generations the outlook and the spirit of the old time Bulgarian mountain villages and the manufacture traditions of the region.
The museum is built on the two sides of a small river and all buildings and sites have their authentic outlook  same as they had during the XIX-th century. The buildings are differentiated in three groups  workshops using simple machines moved by the running water of the river, most of them are unique and unknown in Europe. The second group of buildings forms the trade and manufacture street /charshia/.
These are 15 samples of houses, where on the first floor are situated manufacture workshops and small shops, on the second floor are situated the museum items.
The third group of buildings has public functions a clock tower, bridges, stone water fountain, gravestones.

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The house of Peter Saka


10 good reasons to visit BULGARIA !

1. Incredibly low prices:
Just for the sum of your deposit in Spain, you can buy property in Bulgaria. All properties in the country are freehold.
2. Lower cost of living:
Approximately 30 percent lower expenses for your everyday life than in the Spain.
3. Healthy climate:
More than 300 sunny days per year. Average temperature from April through September + 23 C.
4. Life-giving waters:
Bulgaria's 550 mineral springs cure bronchial asthma and various conditions of the respiratory tract, urological and liver problems, cardiac and vascular diseases, disturbances of the nervous and the reproductive systems, etc.
5. Extremely varied landscape:
Warm, sunny beaches and cool alpine mountains - just several hours' drive from each other.
6. Friendly atmosphere:
Bulgarians are warm and hearty people, renowned for their hospitality to foreign visitors.
7. Traditions:
You will find them in the beauty of the handicrafts, melody of the Bulgarian folk songs, etc.
8. The food of centenarians:
The country of yoghourt - the food of centenarians. A wealth of locally grown, totally fresh fruit and vegetables, particularly rich in vitamins.
9. Wealth of Balkan culture and history:
Numerous wonderfully decorated churches, serene mountain monasteries, perfectly preserved villages.
10. Easy access:
Just over three hours away from most British airports.

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House in Kotel Region, Sliven CountyHouse in Kotel Region, Sliven CountyHouse in Kotel Region, Sliven County House in Kotel Region, Sliven CountyHouse in Kotel Region, Sliven CountyHouse in Kotel Region, Sliven County
House in Kotel Region, Sliven County House in Kotel Region, Sliven County House in Kotel Region, Sliven County

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