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Nessebar - map

Nessebar - map
Known as Messembria by its founders, Dorian Greeks, Nessebar was founded in the 6th century BC. Today, the narrow peninsula (an island in antiquity, it was later connected by a causeway) is one of Bulgaria's most delightful tourist spots. Designated a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sight in 1983, the tiny town attracts nearly a million yearly visitors. Narrow cobblestone streets wind amongst quaint 19th century wooden houses, their tiny courtyards filled with smokini (fig) trees and vine trellises. Although once graced by forty churches, Nessebar's dozen remaining medieval churches are the remnants of both Slav and Greek Orthodox communities that thrived here during the middle ages.Old Town of Nessebar Photo gallery( click on the image to see its full size )
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Sunny Beach
  ( Slanchev Bryag )- Located just a mile north of Nessebar. Sunny Beach lives up to its motto of "Where families come first." Children and toddlers are kept occupied with the likes of kiddie trains, well-equipped playgrounds, and organized festivals. But not only kids have all the fun. Adult sports include windsurfing, sailing, parasailing, speedboating, scooter-driven parachuting, pedalboating, waterskiing, horseback riding, archery, mini-golf, roller and in-line skating, bowling, tennis, bicycling, beach volleyball, and wall climbing (for the truly bored). To soothe sore muscles after all that physical exertion there are balneo-therapy treatment centers.
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Sozopol   interactive map
Sozopol is a national and international holiday center attracting tourists from Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, France. The artistic atmosphere makes it the most favorite tourist destination. Another opportunity for visitors in Sozopol is to be part of the greatest Bulgarian cultural event - Apollonia Festival of Arts.
Sozopol is among the oldest Bulgarian cities. 2600 years ago Greek emigrants from Anatolia reached the peninsula, the bay, the islands, and decided to settle here. They founded Apollonia, a polis (city - state), model of ancient Greek democracy. Apollo, the God of arts, was the city protector.
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GOLDEN SANDS ( Zlatni Pyasatsi ) - resort is situated in the Golden Sand National Park, 18 km from the city of Varna, in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera.
Golden Sands- breathtaking scenary, superb and picturesque beaches, clean sea, sun and mineral springs. The beach strip is 3.5 km long and up to 100 m wide. Bask in the sun from May through October. Summers are not too hot thanks to the mild sea breeze. The average air temperature in July and August is 27C, water temperature is 24C.
61 hotels, 10 deluxe villas, panorama campsite with 200 camping lots; most hotels have satellite TV and modern communications.
Numerous restaurants serving Bulgarian national dishes, as well as European cuisine and exotic food - ranging from first-class entertainment spots and night clubs, featuring exciting floor shows, to small cosy fast food restaurants right on the shore, hotel bars and discos - to suit every taste and preference; for gourmets - Chinese, Indian, German, English, Greek and Arab cuisine is available.

ALBENA street map- The major resort north of Varna, Albena occupies a pretty stretch of coast just north of Varna and south of Cape Kavarna. During medieval times the bay had two large fresh water wells and residents earned a living by selling drinking water to Nessebar, which had none of its own. The resort, begun in 1958, is Bulgaria's largest. The wide, six-kilometer-long beach is protected by dunes and touted as the best on the coast with comfortable 24C/75F degree water and loads of sunny days. With more than 30 hotels capable of accommodating some 30,000 visitors, the resort can get pretty crowded during peak season. Most hotels are set back from the beach, in numerous small shaded parks and gardens that help alleviate some of the congested feel.


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